12 December 1941

Bristol Beaufort Mk I N1085 (code OA-G)
Donges, "Hameau de la Croix"

(contributors : Claude Archambault, Air Historical Branch,RAF)

Beaufort MK I of No. 22 Squadron RAF, lined up at North Coates, Lincolnshire
© IWM CH 644 - public domain

Crew : No. 22 Squadron RAF
- Flying Officer (Air Obs.) Allan Willson TROUP, 33 years old, RCAF
Plot L. Row B, Grave 4, Communal Cemetery, Nantes (Pont-du-Cens), France

Photo : source "findagrave.com" - "Operation Picture Me" 

- Sergeant I.W. JONES, POW (n° 24829 - L6)

- Sergeant C. GUEST, POW (n° 24753 - L6)

- Sergeant A.A. FERGUSON, POW (n° 98-383)

In September 2021, photos of the aircraft crashed were found. These reveal the violence of the shock by the scattering of parts. The body of the unfortunate Flying Officer Allan Wilson TROOP lies amid the debris (identified by his "Canada" patch on his shoulder)..

The wreck of Beaufort N1085 - Photo © collection Benoit Paquet

The pieces of the Beaufort N1085 éparpillés - Photo © collection Benoit Paquet

The body of the unfortunate Flying Officer Allan Willson TROUP  - Photo © collection Benoit Paquet

Allan Willson TROUP's body covered with fabric Photo source unknown

Le BEAUFORT N1085 fuselage : we can see the beginning of the code "OA-G" and the beginning of the number "N1085" Photo source unknown

A seat among the debris of the Beaufort N1085 Photo source unknown

In Memoriam

Photo : source "findagrave.com" - "Operation Picture Me" 

Plot L. Row B, grave 4, Communal cemetery, Nantes (Pont-du-Cens)

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