13th September, 1942

Bristol Blenheim ?
Plougonver, between "Kervern" and "Kerguz" (22)

(contributor : Gilles Billion)

Mister Paul Pataou

Plougonver, Sunday, September 13th, 1942. Fall of an English twin-engined aircraft between the villages of Kerguset and Kervern.

I remember well this event which occured during the war. I was 11 years old. It was on Sunday 13th September, 1942, the day of the party at Bulat Pestivien. We have had a beautiful sunny day, and we had visited our cousin Louis Le Meur at Bulat. We were walking back home. At that time, there were just a few cars. Despite the occupation, it was quite easy to circulate in the evening in our region. Nevertheless we remained cautious. We must indicate that our route was going through the countryside. It was warm, with a beautiful moonlight. It was approximately 11 pm, when we heard suddenly an aircraft flying far off. The noise of engines was going closer. The aircraft looked closer and closer. Very low. Then we heard a terrible noise ; the aircraft just crashed between "Kervern" and "Kerguz". We quickly returned at home at "La Chapelle Neuve". Early the next morning, I went out and see this aircraft. It was cut in half, just as if it had been sawed in the middle. Some people were there. I was able to see inside the strings of bullets which were hung on everywhere. There were many. There were only two seats in the front section. The plane had crashed in a field with a slight slope. I did not stay for a long time on site.

Jean Michel Martin - ABSA 39-45 - February 2012

See the story (in french) : "An English aircraft crashed at Plougonver in September, 1942" on the website of Joseph Lohou, who wrote a monograph on the town of Callac (22160)

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