25th February 1945

Supermarine SPITFIRE LF Mk IX

Le Cambout (22)

(contributors : Jimmy Tual)

Pilot :
Flight Sergeant G. DIXON (service number 1425780)
No 12 Ferry Unit


On February 25, 1945 at 1:30 p.m., an English fighter, registered MJ500, took off from Rennes Saint Jacques airfield towards Toulouse, but landed 300 meters south of the bell tower of Le Cambout, area of Plémet. It ran out of gas. The aircraft was damaged, wings and landing gear broken. The airman was safe. He telephoned his base which came to pick him up. The aircraft was guarded by two gendarmes from Plémet's brigade, as well as by English soldiers.

Conveyor at the MAAF (Mediterranean Allied Air Forces), the flight route maps being in the pilot kit but not in the cockpit, and radio contact being lost, he ran out of fuel and was forced to make a belly landing in a field, near Bréhan (50 miles west of Rennes). Flight Sergeant G. DIXON, assigned to No. 12 Ferry Unit, was stationed at R.A.F. Melton Mowbray Station, Leicestershire.

Source : Departemental Archives of "Côtes d'Armor" (Brittany)

4th April 2016. Jimmy Tual, ABSA 39-45


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