7th June 1943

2 x Supermarine SPITFIRE :
- Mk Vc EE769 (code VZ-?) In the sea, off "les Sept-Îles" (22)
- Mk IIc P8674 (code AQ-J) In the sea, off "les Sept-Îles" (22)

(contributors :
RAF Fighter Command. Jan - Dec 1942. RAF Fighter Command. Nov - Dec 1940. Issue 1.
RAF Fighter Command. 1st Jan - 31st Dec 1941. Issue 30/7/04 - 
Tony Wood's Combat Claims & Casualties Lists)

Pilots :

Spitfire EE769
Pilot Officer R.W. THATCHER
412 SQN, Royal Air Force
Rescued by the Air Sea Rescue (Supermarine Walrus)

Spitfire P8674
Flight Sergeant A.V. DORMAN
276 SQN, Royal Air Force
P.O.W. (N°222505 - 4B)


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