9 October 1940

Fairey Albacore Mk I (L7129 - code A)

(contributors : Claude Archambault, Frédéric Hénoff)

Fairey albacore faaFairey Albacore - Photo : United Kingdom Government (domaine public)

Crew (829 Naval Air Squadron - Fleet Air Arm)
- (Pilot) Lieutenant Commander Owen Sandbach STEVINSON (P.O.W.)
- (Observer) Lieutenant Commander Normal QUILL (P.O.W.)

- (Air Gunner) Petty Officer Alex "Buggy" BRIMMS (P.O.W. in Stallag Luft 1)


The aircraft took off from RAF base St-Eval Cornwall, England) for a night attack mission against the destroyers Friedrich Eckoldt, Hans Lady and Theodor Riedel in the port of Brest. It was shot down by light Flak.

Fairey albacore l7129 porspoderFairey Albacore Mk I L7129Photo © Collection Benoit Paquet (ABSA 39-45)

Source : France-Crashes 39-45

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