14 June 1940

Fairey Battle Mk I (L5513 - code PM-L)
Vitré (35)

(contributors : Frédéric Hénoff, Claude Archambault, Philippe Dufrasne, Bruno Laurens)

Fairey Battle - 
Photo Imperial War Museum © IWM MH 68

Crew : 103 Squadron RAF
(Advanced Air Striking Force)

- Sergeant (pilot) Norman BRUMBY, recuperated
- Sergeant (air gunner) HEDLEY, recuperated
(wireless operator) Leading Aircraftman WERNER, recuperated


The Fairey Battle L5513 (code PM-L) took off from Sougé, a temporary advanced airfield near Vendôme (41). The mission was to attack enemy concentrations near Evreux (27). For unknown reasons, the aircraft made a belly landing on the side of a road..

The Fairey Battle L5513 after a belly landing
photo © collection Benoit Paquet (ABSA 39-45)

Four views of the Fairey Battle L5513

photos ABSA 39-45




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